Visuals are the most important part in advertising. Great design not only captures attention, but is also memorable. It makes people stop and look.


Graphics and colors are the first thing people see about your brand. That’s why it’s important to find the right visual identity, expressing your brand’s principles. Logo is your brand’s symbol. It will make your brand distinct, memorable and recognizable. Well designed graphics relevant to your target audience will resonate with them, making a connection with your brand. This includes logo, website, business cards, flyers and other elements design.


Most people are visual creatures and process visual information faster than text. Interesting images, videos, infographics draw attention and can make a big impression, encouraging people to engage and dive in deeper into the content, which goal would be to convert audience into customers. So visual content is a great way to direct attention to your written content. Video content can be entertaining and / or informative, telling a story, establishing your brand and reputation.


Logo, visual identity and website design are important, but various promotional products can help your brand literally stay in front of the audience. They are printed materials such as calendars, brochures, magazines, t-shirts, bags, personalized gifts or stationary such as notepads, pens, mouse pads, magnets, stickers. All of these physical objects are a great way to stay in touch with your audience long after a transaction. The more unique they are, the more memorable impact they will have.


We research your audience and which media they use more frequently, to find the best approach to attract their attention and guide them to your content. This may involve only online media or printed materials as well. We design with your brand’s identity and vision in mind to come up with something unique.

As a lot of our clients need content and social media services on a long term basis, we developed a range of fixed-cost monthly subscription packages. We can also create a new package with services of your choice.
€ 500
Per Month
Social media strategy
1 social media channel
1 post per week
1 design (banner or image post)
10 photographs photosession
Promo video
€ 750
Per Month
Social media and advertising strategy
2 social media channels
2 posts per week
2 designs (banner and image post)
15 photographs photosession
Promo video
€ 1000
Per Month
Social media, advertising and sales strategy
3 social media channels
3 posts per week
3 designs (banner, post, ad)
20 photographs photosession
1 promo video
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